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My name is Frans Lalleman born in Pijnacker / Holland in 1969,

when I was 6 years old I had my first 2.5" plastic scope and saw 

the moon from my backyard and was addicted for life.

I started my astro-photography adventure

 in 1997 when comet Hale - Bopp was prominent in the nightsky.

I started with the purchase of a small refractor,

since then my equipment has changed a lot and 

also my ability to get better photographic results.

The picture(s) above shows the light polluted sky near my home , it was taken at the Rijswijk public observatory 2012.




Publications :

  Zenit march 2011 / Amateurs actief

Zenit April 2012 / Amateurs actief


Installing new Meade 12" LX200 Telescope

 at the Rijswijk observatory 18-02-2011


Grand Pre September 2012